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Marcio S Galli

  • Writing for other founders since 2017
  • Founder with a technical background
  • Ex-Netscape, ex-Yahoo, ex-Mozilla
  • Currently founder of Meplex - a digital assistant for online communication needs
  • Helping companies, product managers, entrepreneurs, investors
  • From Ribeirão Preto SP Brazil
  • My role as a writer

    I am Marcio S Galli, a writer. I have to help myself here using this site, this theme, as a goal. I continue to write and to learn how to write. In this journey, I am being supported by many people, organizations, and systems.

    Articles written for founders, for entrepreneurs

    Personal Growth Hack: How to Get the Most Out of Your Project Shortcomings ( #product-management, #open-source #postmortem )

    March 15th, 2022 - In the modern world of project execution, we are compelled to focus on what is being expected, naturally creating the bias for disclosing the wins when we make the right moves and ignoring everything else when we fail in the critic's eyes. It's important to be aware of how we engage with the execution of projects - can we improve our chances to learn?

    A Technical Founders' Guide to Elegantly Escaping the Rabbit Hole ( #product-management, #reflective-writing )

    March 10th, 2022 - Technical founders live in a challenging environment. When things are progressing, although not working, they can continue to work at the expense of other activities. Just pausing the work does not make any sense since it looks like they will waste time when they come back. A good solution is to engage in reflective writing to understand better what is going on and identify challenges and areas where help is needed.

    Startups: Stop Romanticizing Your Brand and Tailor it for Early Adopters (#startup-branding, #startup-marketing)

    March 8th, 2022 - Watch out if you judge an inferior brand of a start-up. Although founders are not branding experts, what is apparently a poor start-up brand might have had a strong appeal with their audiences.

    How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Executing a Plan ( #objectives-and-key-results, #management-and-leadership )

    January 8th, 2022 - Let’s reflect on a situation where a founder executes a particular plan. According to the principles of Objectives and Key Results, she must have outlined set objectives and desired key results. This means she has clearly defined key results that are measurable and easy to communicate to herself and her colleagues. As the plan progresses, unexpected results and new information/lessons may create a wall in her path.

    Engaging with Customers in the Early Stages of a Startup ( #lean-startup )

    In the early stages of startup development, interactions with customers can cause big impressions that put pressure on teams to move faster. Marcio S Galli: Interacting with potential customers can feel very positive because it’s real and far from theoretical work. The ‘customer’ appears in the scene so vividly that teams can get distracted and break the value of the process. It may sound evil, but it is unintentional. Cognitive distortions of founders, time pressure, and God knows what more:

    A successful interaction with a bad investor

    The sad reality is that it’s virtually impossible to move up without an understanding of the rules of the game: idea, product, market, investment-acceleration and risk systems, etc. The more you learn, about these other sides, the more you will be able to detect and evaluate your peers. If you want the smart money, which means to focus in assembling a smart feedback system; make sure you are not hallucinating and don’t fall in the romantic trap of trying to create a self validation system:

    The VC pitch: What’s wrong with the world, what is being deployed, and how you do differently

    Reid Hoffman's pitch was given to Adam Grant, author of Originals. Adam Grant provided feedback on good points and advices in terms of uniqueness (originality) of the idea, plus other relevant factors for scaling a business. Reid used about 1/3 of the pitch focusing in the problem (and situation), then he approached how the world solves it, and then the business solution:

    The origins of my writing for founders

    Communication is challenging for me - and I guess for everyone. I didn't get it right in the first place when I started having to write as the means to deliver my work. It's too complex to write about this now, right here. In a nutshell, I didn't think that writing was logical. For me, writing was a subjective thing. It starts there, and you can feel what it is like to live in that complex space.

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    There is a room for you in this site. Please get in contact with me at mgalli at mgalli dot com if you want to provide feedback, to help me with this writing journey, and more.

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